3 bagel inspired pizzas

3 Bagel inspired Pizzas

Welcome to 3 Bagel inspired pizzas from Weird Wild Pizza. You know how we do, but now we got even more for you. Keep an eye out for more amazing inspired pizzas. What could the next inspiration be for Papa Za? And how Weird and Wild will they be? Well there is only one way to find out. Thanks for stoppin’ by and there’s so much more to come!

Sesame Bagel | Everything Bagel | Lox Bagel


3. Sesame Bagel

Sesame bagel pizza


A magical transformation is only half the story for this sesame bagel inspired pizza recipe. I’ve been told that one shouldn’t mess with a bagel, its a classic, what are you thinking. Well if we never created new things we never would’ve had bagels. Just think about that for a minute.

Another thing to ponder is how great cream cheese goes on pizza, with even more cheese on top. The classic comfort of cream cheese, magic melty mozzarella and a butter brushed crust covered in toasted sesame seeds sums up this sesame bagel inspired pizza recipe. The only question you need to ask yourself is when can I make one of these, a bagel you can actually share… if you want to.


2. Everything Bagel

3 Bagel inspired Pizzas


It should have happened sooner. But at least it happened. This everything bagel pizza recipe is everything you could imagine. The secret to making this a real everything bagel pizza is the brushed melted butter crust, sprinkled with the magic everything bagel seasoning.

Teamed up with a super cheesy herb and garlic cream cheese base, the classic everything bagel cream cheese has to be herb and garlic. I think it’s pretty much a law. If you’ve heard otherwise, report those people to the authorities, they must be stopped.


1. Lox Bagel

Lox Bagel Pizza Recipe


One of the absolute most classic bagels ever, maybe the most memorable and definitely worth trying on a pizza. This Lox Bagel Pizza recipe is incredibly simple and incredibly tasty. If the bagel shop is closed and you need to hit that lox bagel craving this is the way to do it!

Topped with red onions and capers, with delicious smoked salmon lox all resting on the original cream cheese with an added touch of melted mozzarella. Daring enough to toss some fish on a pizza and glad we did! Because this risk was worth taking. Here fishy fishy!


3 Bagel inspired Pizzas

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