3 prosciutto pizzas

3 Prosciutto Pizzas

Welcome to 3 prosciutto pizzas from Weird Wild Pizza. You know how we do, but now we got even more for you. Keep an eye out for even more amazing inspired pizzas. What could the next inspiration be for Papa Za? And how Weird and Wild will they be? Well there is only one way to find out. Thanks for stoppin’ by and there’s so much more to come!

Blue Cheese Prosciutto Pizza | Apple Brie Pizza | 8 Meats Pizza

3. Blue Cheese Prosciutto Pizza

Blue cheese prosciutto pizza


Drop down and give me twenty because we want twenty more of these stat! This Blue Cheese Prosciutto pizza has an old school pizza topping with an unusual friend. This pizza is a little salty and little blue cheesy but it’s just the right amount of both.

Thin sliced mushrooms are a nice touch with this heavy hitter, they help bring out some earthiness with the blue cheese and salt. Salt of the Earth? Sure if you insist, but either way, get your hands around one of these slices if its the last thing you do.

2. Apple Brie Pizza

Prosciutto apple brie pizza recipe


This Prosciutto Apple Brie Pizza recipe packs a wallop with a multitude of satisfying and savory flavors. Smoked prosciutto wrapped apples offer a crisp, sweet bite of apple giving you a refreshing element. But not before the enjoyment of the oven roasted and smoked prosciutto delicate, but still salty hit from the.

But let’s not forget about the brie, never forget about the brie, and how could you when it adds a smooth and creaminess which works well with the gooeyness of the classic pizza cheese, mozzarella. This all comes together with a bright splash of balsamic two ways, a roasted garlic balsamic aioli as a base, and a balsamic reduction to top it all off.

1. 8 Meats Pizza

8 Meat Lovers Pizza


This Weird & Wild “8 Meat Lovers” Pizza recipe is a doozy, coming at you with 8 different types of meat all harmoniously getting along together. We don’t skimp out here on Weird and Wild Pizza and this meat lovers is a testament, with Cappicola, Cervelat Salami, Coppa Di Parma, Genoa Salami, Ham, Pepperoni, and Prosciutto, but if you think that’s too much, think again.

The flavor from this meat behemoth in unforgettable, but how could it not be with this line up. Crispy, tender, juicy, salty, cheesy, and of course meaty, everything you need on a meat lovers pizza.

3 prosciutto pizzas

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