3 spam pizzas

3 Spam Inspired Pizzas

Welcome to 3 Spam inspired pizzas from Weird Wild Pizza. You know how we do, but now we got even more for you. Keep an eye out for more amazing inspired pizzas. What could the next inspiration be for Papa Za? And how Weird and Wild will they be? Well there is only one way to find out. Thanks for stoppin’ by and there’s so much more to come!

Spam & Pineapple | Spam & Eggs | Classic Spam

3. Spam & Pineapple

3 spam inspired pizzas


Congratulations, you are one of the few people who did not leave in anger. I’m proud of you, and so is this Spam and Pineapple pizza recipe. If you are not a fan of pineapple and you just need to see what the heck is going on at Weird Wild Pizza, you’re great too! Surprisingly this pizza is a knockout, and hopefully nobody knocks me out. But that’s the chance you take when you put pineapple on a pizza. People get upset, like weirdly upset. I’ve seen people get madder over pineapple on a pizza that if I slapped them in the face with a slice of pepperoni.

We don’t shy away from much and pineapple is most definitely welcome here, and so are you, even if you hate me for making this pizza. I’ll get over it, and I will get over it with a slice of this delicious spam and pineapple pizza. A recipe that we will be making again. Something special happens when you cube up spam and get a good sear on each side of that cube, its amazing and its worth trying, over and over again, even with pineapple.


2. Spam & Eggs

3 spam inspired pizzas


This Spam and Egg Pizza recipe may not be from a famous story written by a Doctor, and it certainly isn’t green, and actually there is no ham. But it surely will go down in history. This pizza will make you wanna be the first one to the breakfast table because you might want three of these, like right off the bat, and people might look at you funny if you start with three… I sure as heck will not, but I don’t know the company you keep, just lookin’ out for you, I got your back.

The most obvious reason to shove this into your mouth is the delicious pan-seared cubes of spam. With a little love from a cast iron pan and a drizzle of oil, spam can go from pretty good to freakin’ amazin’. But what makes this extra special is not one but two sunny side up eggs cooked to perfection, right on top of this breakfast “how do ya do”.


1. Classic Spam

3 spam inspired pizzas


A Classic Spam Pizza Recipe, how can it be a classic if you’ve never heard of it? That’s a good point, and luckily I do have an answer for you. It’s a classic spam pizza because Papa Za took the classic elements you would find on a traditional spam sandwich, tomatoes, onions and cheese, and made it even better by bringing it all together on an amazing pizza.

The spam pizza is a special treat with each piece of pizza having it’s very own, cast iron pan-fried slice of spectacular spam. If you’re not a spam fan, I would still give it a go, you might like it, I mean, stranger things have happened.


3 Spam inspired pizzas

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