4 bacon pizzas

4 Bacon Pizzas (vol.2)

Welcome to 4 bacon pizzas (vol.2). You know how we do, but now we got even more for you. Keep an eye out for even more amazing inspired pizzas. What could the next inspiration be for Papa Za? And how Weird and Wild will they be? Well there is only one way to find out. Thanks for stoppin’ by and there’s so much more to come!

Cobb Salad | Bacon Poutine | Chicken Carbonara | Chicken Bacon Ranch

4. Cobb Salad

Cobb Salad


Cobb you believe it?! This one is a little weird even for us but this Cobb Salad pizza was a real delight. Packed with depths of savoury flavour from the bacon, chicken and blue cheese, with the added freshness of lettuce, tomato, avocado, chives and an unusual pizza addition of hard boiled eggs. Which I assure you the hard boiled egg totally rocks on this pizza, and what Cobb salad would be complete without it. And that zing from the red wine dressing ties this stupendous salad pizza together.

Could this be the best salad to put on a pizza? We would say yes. Could there be a better salad to put on a pizza? Honestly we have no idea, this was a bit of a stretch as it is. It’s the hard boiled eggs, we know it, you know it, but once again these eggs were done right and we would take a slice of this any night!


3. Bacon Poutine

Bacon Poutine


We’ve all had those night where we eat to much, just a little more than we should have. Well with this bacon poutine pizza recipe, this will be one of those nights, for sure. A classic poutine thrown right on top of a pizza, with the lovely addition of bacon.

Poutine gravy is delightful, this one is made with a beef and chicken gravy. Matched with giant cheese curds melted over crispy fries, with mozzarella cheese tying it all together. Plus, there’s bacon, we must never forget the bacon.


2. Chicken Carbonara

Chicken Carbonara


Holy heck, this Chicken Carbonara Pizza with Bacon Recipe is rockin’ and there’s more, but I think you already know… it’s loaded with bacon. Pancetta may be a more common option for a Carbonara but bacon is the star tonight. Bacon. Tied together with that classic carbonara sauce.

All Carbonara’s have pork, but we snuck in some chicken as well, something about chicken and bacon that makes life a little better. All we really needed was chicken and bacon, everything else at this point is just a bonus, and what a bonus a Chicken Carbonara Pizza with Bacon Recipe truly is. This one talks the talk and walks the walk!


1. Chicken Bacon Ranch

Chicken Bacon Ranch


Some people are skeptic, and some people have faith. Well I’ll tell you, this Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza recipe will make a believer out of you. Big chunks of pan-roasted chicken, large pieces of chopped bacon, melted mozzarella cheese, topped with lettuce and tomato, all resting on the best dressing in history. Ranch.

When pigs fly indeed! For some reason chicken and bacon just work together so well its hard to believe pigs don’t actually fly. If they did, we would make a pizza with it, but this will have to due. This’ll do pig.


4 Weird Wild Bacon Pizzas (vol.2)

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