9 DIY Sourdough recipes

9 DIY Sourdough recipes (Sourdough discard solutions)



9 DIY Sourdough recipes (Sourdough discard solutions)

If you have leftover sourdough discard and you are tired of just throwing it out we have some sourdough discard solutions for you! Check out these 9 DIY Sourdough recipes that are so tasty you’ll never wanna toss your discard again!

9 DIY Sourdough recipes

9. Garlic 3-Cheese Sourdough Breadsticks

FULL RECIPE: https://weirdandwildpizza.com/garlic-3-cheese-breadsticks/

Oh yeah that is correct! Garlic 3-Cheese breadsticks! You did not misread. Fresh minced garlic  Garlic 3-Cheese Breadsticksmixed with oil, basil, salt and pepper. That’s only the start, what really bring these breadsticks to life is one, two, three types of cheese. Mozzarella, parmesan and cheddar. These three make a cheese combo to get your hands on.

Why else would these golden brown cheese beauties be stick shaped… for your hand, right! A smart delivery system that knows what you want. Fits right into the mouth and the best part is  you can just keep eating, because its a breadstick and they just keep going. Go make some cause you’ll be in a better place if you do.

Garlic 3-Cheese Breadsticks

8. Sourdough Waffles

FULL RECIPE: https://weirdandwildpizza.com/sourdough-waffle-recipe/

One of the best breakfasts you can make with a sourdough starter is this Sourdough Waffle Recipe. Sourdough Waffle RecipeThese delicious little golden brown grids hold the melted butter and maple syrup so perfectly you don’t even have to dip. You just slice, slide and eat, then repeat! And repeat as much as you want! You can bang out 4 amazingly tasty sourdough waffles with this recipe.

Mmmmm butter and syrup, how about a heck yah for that right there! Waffles for breakfast, waffles for lunch, waffles for dinner and waffles for brunch…. it’s just one of those things that you can drive into your mouth anytime of the day.

Sourdough Waffle Recipe

7. Sourdough Pizza Rolls

FULL RECIPE: https://weirdandwildpizza.com/sourdough-pepperoni-pizza-rolls/how-to-make pepperoni pizza rolls

What’s a pizza rose you ask? Well, it’s the beauty of rose with the awesomeness of a pizza roll. With these sourdough pepperoni pizza rolls, the pepperoni swirls around on the inside of this delicious pizza roll looking just like a blossoming rose. When you put as much pepperoni into a pizza roll as we do, magic happens. Beautiful magic.

Super simple ingredients that deliver some spectacular pepperoni pizza rolls. Sourdough starter, bread flour and salt for the dough (our classic wild pizza dough recipe) with 2 cups of pepperoni, 2 cups of mozza and 1 cup of tomato sauce. Pizza rose anyone?

how-to-make pepperoni pizza rolls

6. Sourdough Crepes

FULL RECIPE: https://weirdandwildpizza.com/sourdough-crepe-recipe/

Yeah it might just be a thin pancake, but this sourdough crepe recipe just makes things feel a Sourdough crepe recipelittle bit more special. A beautiful light golden brown, thinly rolled, pan fried dough-delight, all before you change out of your pajamas. It’s fair to say we could all eat a mess of these little things.

Regardless if you’re an AM person or a PM person it doesn’t matter. For breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or even dessert, crepes work all around the clock, they don’t stop. They keep the party going all day and all night long! Can you keep up with em?

Sourdough crepe recipe

5. Sourdough Breadsticks (crazy bread inspired)

FULL RECIPE: https://weirdandwildpizza.com/crazy-bread-inspired-wild-breadsticks/

Crazy bread inspired Wild BreadsticksThis bread is crazy, crazy freakin’ awesome, it’ just like a another type of bread sticks… I can’t quite put my finger on it… oh, yeah, these crazy bread inspired wild breadsticks are made in honor of the best breadstick in the game, the one and only Crazy bread. Well, one and only until now.

Super simple ingredients that deliver some insane breadsticks. Sourdough starter, bread flour and salt, and of course butter, parmesan and just a pinch of garlic salt, or two if ya like that!  This is essentially just like making pizza dough but instead of making a pizza pie, you slice it up, bake it up, then after you’re finished buttering and parmesan cheesing it, you eat it up! Let’s get baked.

Crazy bread inspired Wild Breadsticks

4. Sourdough Buns

FULL RECIPE: https://weirdandwildpizza.com/how-to-make-sourdough-buns/

Today were going to learn how-to-make sourdough buns. These buns are great for burgers or sandwiches, and if you’re a hot dog lover you can easily reshape these into some incredible hot dog buns too! What can’t you put on these tasty little buns?

Eat em’ straight up or give em’ a little toast in the oven, it’s really up to you, but one things for sure, ya gotta try these buns. Super simple ingredients that deliver some fantastic sourdough buns. 18 buns as a matter of fact. Sourdough starter, milk, water, honey, flour, butter and salt. Let’s get baked.

sourdough buns

3. Sourdough Banana Bread

FULL RECIPE: https://weirdandwildpizza.com/how-to-make-sourdough-banana-bread/

Today were going to learn how-to-make sourdough banana bread. We have been looking for a banana bread that how-to-make sourdough banana breadwe can make at home but tastes like that awesome banana bread you get at that coffee shop… you know the one. Well boom, here it is, and it’s probably even better for you too!

Sourdough starter, bananas, eggs, milk, oil, vanilla, flour, sugar and baking powder. We keep it simple and it worked out very well, try it for yourself and let us know how it turned out! And send us your best banana pun, but first lets learn how-to-make sourdough banana bread…

how-to-make sourdough banana bread

2. Sourdough Sandwich Bread

FULL RECIPE: https://weirdandwildpizza.com/how-to-make-sourdough-sandwich-bread/

Today were going to learn how-to-make sourdough sandwich bread. This bread is a classic sandwich bread. It’s Sourdough Sandwich Breadlike the kind your grandma would make, and if your grandma didn’t bake, that’s okay, because this recipe will solve all your sandwich bread needs.

Super simple ingredients that deliver a fantastic loaf of bread. 2 loaves actually! Sourdough starter, milk, water, honey, flour, butter and salt.

Perfect for a Sunday bake while you kick back and let the magic of the sourdough starter do its job. Because someones gotta work around here and it sure aint’ gonna be us, not today. This bread recipe gives you a break from the exhaustion of kneading for minutes on end, replacing the kneading with some very easy stretch and folds. The only thing you’ll be kneading… is a nap.

1. Wild Pizza Dough

FULL RECIPE: https://weirdandwildpizza.com/how-to-make-wild-pizza-dough/

Super simple and super awesome. This how-to-make wild pizza dough recipe is not only a healthierHow-to make wild pizza dough option but some may say it’s a tastier option too. The wild dough is strong enough to hold up with extra toppings but light and fluffy on the inside and crispy but not too crunchy on the outside.

Once you have a sourdough starter on hand, this How-to make wild pizza doughdough couldn’t be easier. Grab a mixing bowl and a large spoon, add 2 cups of sourdough starter, add salt, and slowly add a cup of flour a little bit at a time until the dough takes shape but is still a little sticky but workable.  Knead for 30 seconds, put into lightly floured bowl and cover with a towel for an hour. Perfect dough in an hour.

You can make it on a fly and have delicious restaurant style pizza at home and the best part is you can throw anything that you have in the fridge on to it and in most cases, you’re good to go, and you look good doing it!

How-to make wild pizza dough

If you want to know how to make a sourdough starter or feed a sourdough starter, this is a great place to start, most importantly have fun with the starter because the possibilities are nearly endless.




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