Weird Wild Beef-Style Pizza's

9 Weird Wild Beef Pizzas


Round ’em up, ’cause this is the place to find 9 Weird Wild Beef Pizzas. Stay for the beef but don’t let the barn door hit your arse on the way out! Seriously, it really hurts, nobody should have to experience that. Cows are pretty cool. First two cow thoughts are farts and tipping, not necessarily in that order.

Beef Fun Fact 1. Cows can sleep while they are standing. This saves on mattress costs, we appreciate thrifty cows here at Weird Wild Pizza.

Beef Fun Fact 2. Bulls can’t see red. So why aren’t there any cool purple capes, or blue, like really, only red? Like how great would a hot pink cape be?

Now let’s check out 9 Weird Wild Beef Pizzas! Moooo!

9 Weird Wild Beef Pizzas


9. Beef and Broccoli Pizza

Beef and Broccoli Pizza


This restaurant style beef and broccoli pizza recipe will take you back to your favorite Chinese restaurant experience, without the MSG! I mean you can add it if you want, we’re not stopping you. But this beef and broccoli is so good you won’t need to. So simple, so satisfying but there’s nothing basic about a beef and broccoli pizza recipe.

Have you ever had Chinese food and not ordered the beef and broccoli? Whether you sat down at a restaurant or ordered Chinese take-out, beef and broccoli is a classic. Well there’s some great news, this beef and broccoli pizza recipe is so easy that you can make it at home.


8. Sloppy Joe Pizza

manwich sloppy joe pizza


Sloppy Joe’s! I had me at Sloppy Joe’s. These messy little beef bombs are as satisfying as they are sloppy. I don’t know a single person that doesn’t enjoy a good ol’ Sloppy Joe, and if you’re like, “Hey man, I don’t eat meat, why would you assume that?” I hear ya! But Beyond meat Sloppy Joe’s are probably fine, maybe… you’ll have to tell me how they went. But we can all agree that everybody loves a Manwich Sloppy Joe. And how can you not, so darn simple, so damn tasty. Beef, sauce, bread and cheese. Let’s do this!

This Manwich Sloppy Joe Pizza recipe takes an old classic favorite to the next level and funny enough, actually helps keep the Sloppy Joe in check, so you don’t slop any of that Manwich goodness on to the floor. No Joe for you floor!


7. Cocktail Meatball Pizza

Cocktail Meatball Pizza


The cocktail meatball pizza recipe takes it up to the next level, with massive meatballs and a sweet but tangy cocktail meatball sauce. And how well this sauce goes with handfuls of mozzarella cheese.  But the star of the party is one welcomed with open arms, the bigger than life cocktail meatballs that glow with desire. Pop one into your mouth and join the party. 

You’ll be the cock of the walk at this monster Ball. But make sure you’re on time because you’ll wanna get your tail to this party before it’s over. The cocktail meatball pizza recipe is one for the books.


6. Montreal Smoked Meat Pizza

Montreal Smoked Meat Pizza


This is about as close as you’re gonna get to Montreal, unless you’re already there! We keep it real here at Weird Wild Pizza with this Montreal smoked meat pizza recipe. The World Famous Schwartz’s does not mess around with their meat, with over 90 years of tradition, they are the oldest deli in Canada and are a Montreal classic. Arguably the best Montreal Smoked Meat on the planet, these guys know what’s up!  And it’s so fresh they make you cook it at home. Genius! 

The wild pizza dough even gets in on the tradition of the sacred Montreal smoked meat, with a rye pizza crust. Slathered in none other than ‘THE’ classic yellow mustard, bold and tangy, the perfect addition to smoked meat on rye. And it wouldn’t be right without a fresh pickle. I know it doesn’t feel right seeing a pickle on a pizza but y’know what else isn’t right, a freakin’ Montreal smoked meat pizza without a pickle… ya gotta pick your battles.


5. Fried Pumpkin Beef Pizza

Fried Pumpkin Beef Pizza


The Weird and Wild Halloween Edition “Fried Pumpkin and Beef Pizza” is about as close to a Pumpkin Spice Latte as Papa Za is gonna get. Pumpkin two ways, a pumpkin cream sauce with pumpkin spices topped with deep fried pumpkin slices.  Frying the pumpkin helps retain the structure and makes sure you get a little something extra with a classic deep fried batter.

But Pumpkin isn’t the only thing out for Halloween this year, we got some savory roast beef to smother on this pizza laying on a bed of melted mozzarella cheese…..and don’t forget the pumpkin. Layers of spiced pumpkin and beef bring a taste of Halloween and the Fall, maybe Papa Za will get that Pumpkin Spiced Latte after all.

4. Chile Cheese Dog Pizza

Chili Cheese dog pizza


The Weird & Wild “Chili Cheese Dog Pizza” is the best thing on planet earth. It’s to simple to be pretentious and too awesome to be ignored! A thick layer of homemade beef chili, two types of cheese smothered on top, and of course, the king of the pizza, oven roasted hot dogs. This pizza makes sure everyone gets in on the action by giving each participant their very own lengthwise half slice of a toasty wiener.

So far this is Papa Za’s reigning champion, an out of this world combination of the basics, pizza, chili, cheese, hot dogs (you know you love them). Will there be a contender that will knock the chili cheese dog pizza back to earth, you tell me, these flavors are hard to beat.


3. Horseradish Roast Beef Pizza



Possibly the best thing you can put on beef other than more beef is the one and only horseradish, it does a wonderful thing when it partners up with some good old fashioned roast beef! Watch that beef ride the horseradish on this Wild “Horseradish Roast Beef Pizza”.

The only amount of horseradish that we feel is acceptable, is maybe a little too much, but we’re firm believers in making sure you don’t only get a mouth full of perfect roast beef but you get a little kick right in the face  from the horseradish. Yee-haw!


2. Korean BBQ Kimchi Pizza



This Weird & Wild ‘Korean BBQ Beef and Kimchi Pizza’ might be the most unusual one so far, it starts with a Korean BBQ sauce as the base, and is topped with mozzarella cheese.

Kimchi brings a little bit of heat and fermented goodness to the party. And the thinly sliced Korean BBQ beef delivers layers of flavor from the grill and from the Korean marinade.


1. Maui Beef Rib Pizza

Maui Beef Rib Pizza


This Weird & Wild ‘Maui Beef Rib Pizza’ recipe takes Hawaiin Pizza to a new level.  Say what you will about the classic Hawaiin…I’m sure you have an opinion, wars have been started over Hawaiin pizza.  But this one changes the game, yes, pineapple is still on the pizza, but now you get the bold flavors of maui sauce and the beastly beef ribs that remind us of prehistoric times.

Big beef ribs, big red onions and a big bold Maui Sauce that ties it all together, do you see a theme here. This is the biggest baddest Hawaiian pizza you’ll find. Look no further, here’s the beef.


Weird Wild Beef-Style Pizza's

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