9 Weird Wild Chicken Pizzas

9 Weird Wild Chicken Pizzas

Bock! Bock!

Take the red eye for this one, these 9 Weird Wild Chicken Pizzas are so weird you may not want to be seen eating them in plain daylight. We aim high but we try not to fly to close to the sun… y’know… burnt chicken… not good.

Play chicken with Papa Za and see how weird this can get. He’s not backing down and he’s pretty sure he could beat up any chicken if it really came down to it.  Let’s go bird, it’s either you or him, and I don’t think anyone wants a Papa Za pizza. Tastes like chicken? Papa Za will take on any bird! Except for maybe Big Bird, he’s not dealing with that. Chicken?!

Now let’s check out 9 Weird Wild Chicken Pizzas!

9 Weird Wild Chicken Pizzas


9. Chicken Cacciatore Pizza 

Chicken Cacciatore Pizza Recipe


If you like chicken pasta and you like tasty pizza then you guessed it, you gonna like this bad mamma jamma. This Chicken Cacciatore pizza recipe seals the deal with those beautiful morsels of fried chicken bathing in a wonderful cacciatore sauce.

Green and red peppers, mushrooms, onions, garlic and herbs meld in the magical sauce, with a splash of wine and some chicken broth reinforcement. And to cut the super savory dish we add just a little bit of fresh parsley to the finished pie. This pizza is for winners.


8. Chicken McNugget “McDonalds inspired” Pizza 

Chicken McNugget Pizza Recipe


Order Up! Grab yourself a 20 piece mcnuggets and a ton of sauce because you’re gonna wanna try this Chicken McNugget Pizza Recipe. Not only did we throw 20 chicken mcnuggets on this pizza, but we also used, not one, not two, not even three, but four different sauces. You got your sweet n’ sour, barbeque, hot mustard and spicy habanero. Lets kick off this chicken feast, mcnugget style!


7. Chicken Alfredo Pizza 

Chicken Alfredo Pizza Recipe


What this Chicken Alfredo lacks in noodles it makes up for in pizza. This Chicken Alfredo Pizza Recipe is so good you wont even miss the noodles. Chicken alfredo sauce works so well as a pizza sauce it’s ridiculous. Fresh parsley really lightens up the joint, but don’t let the green fool ya, its one of the more comforting pizza we have made.

As usual we got handfuls of melty mozzarella cheese on this pie. Sliced pieces of pan-seared chicken, coated in even more of this rich creamy alfredo sauce makes this pizza do die for… or kill. I mean if you’re gonna whack a guy for some pizza this is the one!


6. Chicken Fajita Pizza 

Chicken Fajita Pizza Recipe


Cast iron is the way to go with this Chicken Fajita Pizza Recipe! But don’t be afraid to use whatever pan you have, it’ll still be great. That said, if you got a cast iron pan at home, now is the time to use it. Because you get this beautiful sear that most other pans will not give, so treat yourself and your pan right and you get a little something extra special.

Pan seared onions and bell peppers with a heavily seasoned kick of some satisfying slices of chicken, fajita-style. Plus lots of smoky chili flavor with the love of a cast iron pan and that A1 sauce zing. It doesn’t hit much closer to home than this one does. OH YEAH!


5. Buffalo Chicken Pizza (with a twist)

Buffalo chicken pizza recipe


We have taken the classic Buffalo chicken pizza recipe to a new level, by adding all the right things to a plate of buffalo wings, minus those pesky bones. What Buffalo chicken pizza recipe would be complete with not only one dipping sauce. But two! We decided to use ranch dressing as the base and we threw some blue cheese on it. Now this may have gone to far for some but that’s OK, we like to go the extra mile.

Not only does this Buffalo chicken pizza have ranch and blue cheese, but we thought we would need to add a little bit more to really make it official. Normally you would get carrot sticks or celery with your Buffalo wings but we went rogue, we went pepperoncini’s! The clear winner and decided champ for this bad mamma jamma, who doesn’t like some extra kick on their pizza! So kick some butt and grab a slice of this Buffalo chicken pub style special.


4. Chicken Shawarma Pizza 

Chicken Shawarma Pizza


Just as tasty as your nearest Shawarma shop, this Chicken Shawarma Pizza Recipe packs so much punch with extreme flavors and boldness from this unmistakable Middle Eastern marinade.  And lets not forget the yogurt sauce to tie it all together. Not only is the base of this pizza yogurt sauce but we decided to swirl some on top too, just for good measure. And it looks pretty cool too.

Fresh lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes make a great accompaniment to the light but tart yogurt sauce.  These fresh elements are just what was needed with the large and in charge and totally satisfying pieces of grilled chicken shawarma. There’s never enough, you might have to make two of these pizzas, or just don’t share any. They’ll understand when you tell them how good it is.


3. Rose Chicken Pizza 

Rose Chicken Pizza Recipe


This Rose Chicken pizza recipe is pulling out all the stops. With a delicious rose sauce as the base, gooey mozzarella cheese, tender rose chicken all topped off with beautiful dried rose petals. Because you gotta keep it romanticized, I mean it is Valentines Day after all, treat yo’ self.

It’s that time of year again with that special somebody, or if you’re going it solo I have some great news for you. You get the whole darn Rose Chicken pizza to yourself! Now that’s a happy Valentine’s Day in my books. But sharing is OK too, and there’s definitely enough to go around, if you absolutely have to share.


2. Butter Chicken Pizza 

Butter Chicken


The thing that makes this Butter Chicken Pizza recipe so special, well it’s not just one thing, there is some magic happening here with the comforting butter chicken sauce, thick pan-seared and oven-roasted slices of chicken coated in more sauce. And you can’t forget the layers of red pepper and onions for some crunch and freshness, but those are oven-roasted too, ’cause why not.

I’ve had a lot of Butter Chicken Pizza’s but this recipe is by far the boldest one yet. Most of the time you will find tiny cubes of “I think it’s chicken”, but not here! Not at Weird Wild Pizza! Here we deliver giant pieces of delicious chicken you will never forget.


1. Fried Chicken Jalapeno Pizza 

Fried Chicken and Jalapeno Pizza


The Weird & Wild “Fried Chicken and Jalapeno Ranch Pizza” is a fried piece of heaven. Layered with fried chicken, jalapenos and mozzarella cheese on top of arguably the best sauce in the world, Ranch.

At first glance it appeared to be too much of a good thing but the end results were a comforting home-style fried chicken plus the fried warmth of the sneaky jalapeno pepper, also adding a much needed touch of freshness. The melted mozza melds the ingredients together, but you can’t forget the classic Ranch flavor carrying the fried goodness to yes….I already said it….but ima say it again….heaven!


9 Weird Wild Chicken Pizzas

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