9 Weird Wild Pork inspired Pizzas

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9 Weird Wild Pork inspired Pizzas


That’s not all folks, we got 9 Weird Wild Pork inspired Pizzas comin right up! Uncurl your tail and come on down to Weird Wild Pork Pizza Recipes. Bacon, back bacon, ham, and ribs, OK now I’m hungry. Pork is arguably the most flavorful meat on the planet. You can’t mess with bacon, don’t even try. It’ll win every time and you’ll be goin’ home cryin’ to your mom. Some people have done unspeakable things for bacon, things you wouldn’t believe, things you don’t wanna know, things…..I can’t even talk about.

Would it be wrong to eat Porky Pig? And is there anything you can’t wrap in bacon? Don’t worry were not gonna go all deliverance on you and make you squeal like a pig, so don’t even ask…(well, maybe for $10,000 but we would still have to mull it over)… it’s not gonna happen.

9 weird wild pork inspired pizzas

9. Bacon and Egg Pizza

Wake up and smell the coffee with this Bacon and Egg pizza recipe. And hopefully you woke up on Bacon and Egg Pizzathe bright side of the bed to match this sunny side up egg, cooked to perfection. Nothing satisfies a hangry morning craving like bacon and eggs. Grab yourself a coffee with one hand and a slice of this bacon and egg breakfast pizza with the other for an on-the-go serious quality breakfast.

No busy morning could be conquered any better, and don’t forget, you deserve it! And the best part is when you give yourself the breakfast you need, not only will your peers like you better, but you’ll want to kick the days ass!  Get the morning started right with this Bacon and Egg pizza recipe.

Bacon and Egg Pizza

FULL RECIPE: https://weirdandwildpizza.com/2020/04/16/bacon-and-egg-pizza-recipe/

8. Spam Pizza

A “Classic Spam Pizza” recipe, how can it be a classic if you’ve never Classic Spam Pizza Recipeheard of it? That’s a good point, and luckily I do have an answer for you. It’s a classic spam pizza because Papa Za took the classic elements you would find on a traditional spam sandwich, tomatoes, onions and cheese, and made it even better by bringing it all together on an amazing pizza.

The spam pizza is a special treat with each piece of pizza having it’s very own, cast iron pan-fried slice of spectacular spam. If you’re not a spam fan, I would still give it a go, you might like it, I mean, stranger things have happened.

Spam Pizza

FULL RECIPE: https://weirdandwildpizza.com/2020/02/06/classic-spam-pizza-recipe/


7. Prosciutto Apple Brie Pizza

This Prosciutto Apple Brie Pizza recipe packs a wallop with a multitude of satisfying and savory Prosciutto apple brie pizza recipeflavors. Smoked prosciutto wrapped apples offer a crisp, sweet bite of apple giving you a refreshing element. But not before the enjoyment of the oven roasted and smoked prosciutto delicate, but still salty hit from the.

But let’s not forget about the brie, never forget about the brie, and how could you when it adds a smooth and creaminess which works well with the gooeyness of the classic pizza cheese, mozzarella. This all comes together with a bright splash of balsamic two ways, a roasted garlic balsamic aioli as a base, and a balsamic reduction to top it all off.

Prosciutto apple brie pizza recipe

FULL RECIPE: https://weirdandwildpizza.com/2020/01/26/prosciutto-apple-brie-pizza-recipe/


6. Pulled Pork Pizza

This weird wild “Pulled Pork Pizza” recipe stays true to the bold flavors of a classic pulled pork with Pulled Pork Pizzathe blessed convenience of the life changing Instapot. An aggressive spice rub makes this pork an unforgettable experience with a quick one-two to your face.

What pulled pork pizza would be complete without the famous picnic side kick, fresh and creamy coleslaw to top it all off. But let’s not forget about the sauce on our wild dough, and that sauce my friends, you may have guessed it, a beautiful smoky sweet BBQ sauce.

You don’t have to go down to the ranch for this pleasurable pizza, although you can if you want. Pull up a seat and grab a bite of this delicious smoky pulled pork meat treat!

Pulled Pork Pizza

FULL RECIPE: https://weirdandwildpizza.com/2020/01/11/pulled-pork-pizza-recipe/


5. Christmas Rum Ham Pizza

Nothing says Christmas like Ham and Rum, why not add some cocktail cherries to garnish, let’s try Christmas Rum Ham Pizzato stay classy…ish. This Christmas Rum Ham Pizza Recipe is full of holiday joy with strips of rum glazed ham, green brussel sprouts, and red cocktail cherries, this was not an accident.

I don’t think you can get anymore Christmassy on a pizza than this. I know what your’e thinking, where’s the damn Turkey? Isn’t this a Christmas Pizza?!

But I say “HEY”, Turkey is for Thanksgiving and even though I usually have both for Christmas, Thanksgiving won Turkey, so Christmas wins Ham!  So deal with it… and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays everyone!

Christmas Rum Ham Pizza

FULL RECIPE: https://weirdandwildpizza.com/2019/12/23/christmas-rum-ham-pizza-recipe/


4. Eggs Benedict Pizza

How many times have you been eating Eggs Benny and thought….this should be on a pizza! If the answer is zero that’s OK, it’s what I’m here for.  This Eggs Benedict Pizza Recipe has all the classic Eggs Benedict Pizzaingredients of an Eggs Benny, and we didn’t hold back on the eggs either, a total of eight eggs were used in this breakfast pizza creation.

This pizza has four egg yolks in the sauce, some fresh lemon and melted butter. And another four eggs cooked right on top of the pizza.  But be careful when you put the eggs on top, they have a tendency to wanna roll right off the pizza. Before we get to the eggs you can’t forget about the labor intensive hollandaise sauce, that sauce is one of the neediest sauces out there, it needs a lot of attention and love, so good luck!

Wild dough, hollandaise sauce, back bacon, mozzarella cheese, baked eggs, more hollandaise sauce, and a pinch of paprika is how we make this pizza a classic representation of a weekend breakfast table favorite.

Eggs Benedict Pizza

FULL RECIPE: https://weirdandwildpizza.com/2019/12/14/eggs-benedict-pizza-recipe/


3. Szechuan Pork Belly PizzaSzechuan Red Braised Pork Belly Pizza

Pork belly done right is arguably the best possible meat choice out there. But what happens when you add it to a pizza?….and then take it even further by making it Szechuan style.  Well this is what happens! A Szechuan Pork Belly Pizza.

And it totally rocks, this pizza not only delivers crispy but tender pork belly pieces and fresh vegetables, but the secret weapon is what ties it all together, Sweet Chile Sauce.

Chinese Five Spice
Chinese Five Spice

The Chinese Five Spice is a combination of spices that you will never forget, used sparingly it will add an immense flavor profile to your pork belly that will make you come back for more…and more…and more.

Szechuan Red Braised Pork Belly Pizza

FULL RECIPE: https://weirdandwildpizza.com/2019/11/16/szechuan-pork-belly-pizza/


2. Blue Cheese Crusted Pork Chop Pizza

The “Blue Cheese Crusted Pork Chop” Pizza is a whole lotta pizza, bold flavors from the blue cheese and pork, and a touch of the holidays finds a way into your heart with the breading from the pork reminiscent of stuffing from a family get together.

Pork and cabbage, a combination that never lets down. And what is it about cabbage and onions sauteed together, practically a meal on its own. But Pears decided to show up for the family get together to, and they were as pleasant as usual, not like last time when they got to far deep into the cooking wine.

"Blue Cheese Crusted Pork Chop Pizza</p>

FULL RECIPE: https://weirdandwildpizza.com/2019/09/18/blue-cheese-crusted-pork-chop-pizza/


1. Pierogi Sausage and Bacon

The Weird & Wild “Pierogi Pizza” recipe is a true pierogi pizza, not using slices of potatoes, we usePierogi Sausage Bacon Pizza the real deal. But that’s not all, we also use a sour cream base. As well as actual pierogi’s on this pizza.

Age old question, should we do bacon with the pierogis, or should we do sausage….yeah your’e right let’s just do both. Best of both worlds, the bacon and the sausage go great together and tenderness and crispiness with a whole lot of smokey flavor.

All topped off with some freshly cut green onions, this pizza is as pierogi as it gets.


FULL RECIPE: https://weirdandwildpizza.com/2019/07/19/true-pierogi-pizza-recipe/


Thanks for joining us on 9 Weird Wild Vegetarian-Style Pizzas. But that’s not all, see what’s up next every Thursday!

9 weird wild pork inspired pizzas



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