9 Weird Wild Pork Pizzas vol2

9 Weird Wild Pork Pizzas (vol.2)


That’s still not all folks! Uncurl your tail and come on down to 9 Weird Wild Pork Pizzas (vol.2). Bacon, back bacon, ham, and ribs, OK now I’m hungry. Pork is arguably the most flavourful meat on the planet. You can’t mess with bacon, don’t even try, it’ll win every time. Unless you’re the pig, then I’m sorry my friend.

Some people have done unspeakable things for bacon, things you wouldn’t believe, things you don’t wanna know, things…..I can’t even talk about. Maybe a story for another time? And to quickly change the topic, is there anything you can’t wrap in bacon?

9 Weird Wild Pork Pizzas

1. Bacon Cheese Dog Pizza

Bacon Cheese Dog Pizza Recipe


Double fun for all with this extreme Bacon Cheese Dog Pizza recipe. Yes, for most people bacon is all you need, and for others nothing can beat that old faithful, the one and only hot dog. Well why not make everyone happy and bring them together.

2 cheeses. 2 meats. To good to be true? Nah, this pizza is just right for the meat lover, with some optional chopped white onions for an authentic wiener experience. Giddy up!

Bacon Cheese Dog Pizza Recipe


8. Blue Cheese Prosciutto Pizza

Blue Cheese Prosciutto Pizza


Drop down and give me twenty because we want twenty more of these stat! This Blue Cheese Prosciutto pizza has an old school pizza topping with an unusual friend. This pizza is a little salty and little blue cheesy but it’s just the right amount of both.

Thin sliced mushrooms are a nice touch with this heavy hitter, they help bring out some earthiness with the blue cheese and salt. Salt of the Earth? Sure if you insist, but either way, get your hands around one of these slices if its the last thing you do.

Blue Cheese Prosciutto Pizza


7. McRib (McDonalds inspired) Pizza



We all know you can’t get the McRib all year round, but this pizza hack solves that incredible problem. Say hello to the McRib pizza recipe, McDonald’s inspired! We start with a bunch of rib meat, that’s sweet, savoury and sauced to perfection. Topped with thin sliced white onions and dill pickles sliced in thin rounds.

More sauce, we use Sweet Baby Rays but anything sweet and tangy will do the trick. And some cheese is needed to finish off this beast, and when it’s ready, what a treat it is indeed. You can’t get a McRib all year round but you can make the McRib Pizza whenever the heck you want!

McRib Pizza Recipe


6. Grape Prosciutto Pizza



Grapes? Yes, grapes. Has Papa Za lost his mind, yes, long ago. But this Grape and Prosciutto pizza recipe finds a place in our hearts, it’s so freakin’ good. The expectations on this one were unknown, but we are glad we did it! Not only did we knock this pizza challenge out of the park, we also found a new pizza friend… grapes, I know I know, but ya gotta try it before you knock it.

Green grapes, prosciutto, blue cheese, walnuts and some fresh arugula to make it all fancy-like. Despite its pretentiousness, this is a pizza I would invite back to the party, if it had any friends, they could come too. Who knows whatever kind of grape concoction will blow our minds next, can there possibly be another grape pizza challenge? We haven’t used red grapes yet… If you have a pizza challenge, well, challenge us, what are you waiting for?! Let’s make some weird wild pizza together!

Grape and Prosciutto Pizza Recipe


5. Sweet and Sour Pork Pizza

Sweet and sour pork


Are we mad?! Sweet and sour! Totally yes in all ways possible but y’know what’ll make you happy? This sweet and sour pork pizza recipe. Sweet, sour and cheese can get a little dicey but we’re all in luck, not only does it work on this pizza, but this pizza will make you wanna work for it, it’s that darn good.

Sweet ain’t as sweet without the sour is what they say and I couldn’t agree more, philosophically and literally, the sweet and sour pork, seared veggies, mozzarella cheese and some extra sweet and sour sauce makes this a unique and unanimous favourite.

Sweet and sour pork pizza recipe


4. Spam and Pineapple Pizza



Congratulations, you are one of the few people who did not leave in anger. I’m proud of you, and so is this Spam and Pineapple pizza recipe. If you are not a fan of pineapple and you just need to see what the heck is going on at weird wild pizza, you’re great too! Surprisingly this pizza is a knockout, and hopefully nobody knocks me out. But that’s the chance you take when you put pineapple on a pizza. People get upset, like weirdly upset. I’ve seen people get madder over pineapple on a pizza that if I slapped them in the face with a slice of pepperoni.

We don’t shy away from much and pineapple is most definitely welcome here, and so are you, even if you hate me for making this pizza. I’ll get over it, and I will get over it with a slice of this delicious spam and pineapple pizza. A recipe that we will be making again. Something special happens when you cube up spam and get a good sear on each side of that cube, it’s amazing and it’s worth trying, over and over again, even with pineapple.

Spam and Pineapple Pizza Recipe


3. Franks and Beans Pizza

Hot dogs


When one thinks of Frank one may think of Shameless. Not sure about you but if this Franks and Beans Pizza Recipe is Shameless then so are we, and we like it that way. Come join us, it’s just better. With 4 hot dogs sliced up into the perfect bite sized bits, not only presenting themselves on top of baked beans, there’s also another layer of baked beans on top of these lucky little dogs.

And don’t forget the mozza… never forget the mozza! This pizza is covered in it, all meted and awesome, baked beans, twice, with hot dogs. Really what else is there in life that you need when you have a slice of this in your hands?

Franks and beans pizza recipe


2. Spam and Eggs Pizza



This Spam and Eggs Pizza recipe may not be from a famous story written by a Doctor, and it certainly isn’t green, and actually there is no ham. But it surely will go down in history. This pizza will make you wanna be the first one to the breakfast table because you might want three of these, like right off the bat. And people might look at you funny if you start with three… I sure as heck will not. But I don’t know the company you keep, just lookin’ out for you, I got your back.

The most obvious reason to shove this into your mouth is the delicious pan-seared cubes of spam. With a little love from a cast iron pan and a drizzle of oil, spam can go from pretty good to freakin’ amazin’. But what makes this extra special is not one but two sunny side up eggs cooked to perfection, right on top of this breakfast “how do ya do”.

Spam and Eggs Pizza Recipe


1. BLT Pizza



A classic for sure, but why not add a little cheese to that BLT and why not melt that cheese. Let’s just make a BLT Pizza while were at it. This BLT Pizza Recipe might be bending the rules, but it doesn’t care.

Fresh lettuce and tomatoes tossed on top of a cheesy, bacony pizza, what else could it need. Still simple, still awesome, still a BLT just with a little extra melted cheese.

B.L.T. Pizza Recipe


9 Weird Wild Pork Pizzas vol2

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