9 Weird Wild Vegetarian Pizzas

9 Weird Wild Vegetarian Pizzas (vol.2)

VEGGIE-TIME! (vol.2)

Welcome to 9 Weird Wild Vegetarian Pizzas (vol.2). Here cheeses and vegetables will be the star of our stage. But we won’t stop there, Papa Za has a few tricks up his sleeve and is sure he will surprise. Did you know that eggplants have nicotine in them, certainly the greenest option to quit smoking. Could you imagine sticking eggplant slices all over your body like nicotine patches! I think we got a winner, and good for the environment too.

From broccoli to fried mushrooms all the way to cheese, cheese and more cheese. We will be breaking out some interesting and delicious vegetarian pizzas. We can’t give all our secrets away just yet, so stay tuned for a cheesy experience with 9 Weird Wild Vegetarian Pizzas!

9 Weird Wild Vegetarian pizzas


9. Babybel Pizza



Babybel bonanza! This pizza challenge was a doozy but our Babybel Pizza recipe actually worked out. Warm Babybels eh? As familiar as they seem we usually eat em’ cold right out the fridge, maybe with a pickle. But you know us, we can’t help ourselves. We just gotta shake things up!

Question for you, can you tell us what cheese Babybel is without googling it? If you’re like us we googled it, and it’s….Edam?! What?! Who put that on our pizza, oh wait, that was us. And we would do it again. Just try and stop us, or cave in and try it yourself, warm little Babybels, yum!

Babybel Pizza Recipe


8. Spinach Dip Pizza


I am’s what I am’s… aint that the truth! Who knew Popeye was so poetic. And so is this Spinach Dip Pizza recipe. Worth writing a haiku or two over, make sure you bust this out at your next dinner party. Not only are the slices chip shaped, you don’t even need any darn chips to begin with. Shop smart!

Parmesan and mozzarella cheese, with sour cream and cream cheese. It is exactly as creamy as it sounds, and just as delicious. Plus there’s spinach in it so it’s gotta be healthy, right? Well healthy or not here I come!

Spinach Dip Pizza Recipe


7. Falafel Pizza



Here comes the boom with this bomb diggity Falafel Pizza recipe. The long soak for chickpeas takes a bit but its worth it, these fried balls of Falafel are nice and tender with all the flavour you would expect. And if you want we made a great sauce to go right on top of these delicious heaven balls.

Tahini sauce, smothered in mozzarella covered in Falafel, come on! If you like Falafel this pizza will rock your socks off. Topped with fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and arugula this fried delight gets the light pop it needs, and the depth of flavours you want.

Falafel Pizza Recipe


6. Everything Bagel Pizza

Everything Bagel Seasoning

It should have happened sooner. But at least it happened. This everything bagel pizza recipe is everything you could imagine. The secret to making this a real everything bagel pizza is the brushed melted butter crust, sprinkled with the magic everything bagel seasoning.

Teamed up with a super cheesy herb and garlic cream cheese base, the classic everything bagel cream cheese has to be herb and garlic. I think it’s pretty much a law. If you’ve heard otherwise, report those people to the authorities, they must be stopped.

Everything Bagel Pizza Recipe


5. White Cheddar Pesto Mac and Cheese Pizza

white cheddar pesto mac n' cheese

Macaroni and cheese and pizza were meant to be. A show stopping White Cheddar Pesto Mac N’ Cheese Pizza brings all the great pesto flavors with a sharp white cheddar kick of comfort that reminds us of simpler times. Extra cheese is the only way to make a legendary Mac N cheese, it needs to be swimming in cheese, and your mouth is the life boat.

Get in on the macaroni and cheese goodness, if your lactose intolerant you can use some dairy pills, or your imagination, just imagine the cheesiness. It’s not the first mac n chee pizza we’ve made and it wont be the last, what else will be coming, I promise you, good things.

White cheddar pesto mac n' cheese pizza


4. Sesame Bagel Pizza

Sesame seeds

A magical transformation is only half the story for this sesame bagel inspired pizza recipe. I’ve been told that one shouldn’t mess with a bagel, its a classic, what are you thinking. Well if we never created new things we never would’ve had bagels. Just think about that for a minute.

Another thing to ponder is how great cream cheese goes on pizza, with even more cheese on top. The classic comfort of cream cheese, magic melty mozzarella and a butter brushed crust covered in toasted sesame seeds sums up this sesame bagel inspired pizza recipe. The only question you need to ask yourself is when can I make one of these, a bagel you can actually share, if you want to.

Sesame Bagel inspired Pizza Recipe


3. Buffalo Chickpea Pizza

Buffalo chickpeas

This spicy little vegetarian Buffalo Chickpea Pizza recipe sneaks up on ya. But in the best way possible. With just enough heat to make you keep coming back for more, this little Buffalo chickpea surprise is spicy and savory. How could it not be with that white garlic cream sauce tying it together. The spice, the garlic and the cream sauce work so well with the tender bite of that underrated chickpea.

This pizza kicks it way to the front of the line and doesn’t even say sorry. You will understand when you try a bite, there’s some magic happening when you mix Buffalo sauce with white garlic sauce, it just works! And for all the vegetarians out there who wanna spice things up, this dish is for you.



2. Corn and Basil Pizza


You heard correctly. A corn pizza recipe is this week’s pizza challenge. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ corn on the cob smothered in butter and salt? Well this is not that but we tried to get close. Lots of corny goodness and don’t worry, we didn’t forget the butter.
Not only is this a corn pizza but it’s a triple threat, with a butter cream corn as the base, corn kernels and baby corn. Plus mozzarella and parmesan cheese topped with fresh basil. This pizza is weird, and so it should be, the only question I have for you is, “how much do you like corn?” If you have a pizza challenge, well, challenge us, what are you waiting for?! Let’s make some weird wild pizza together!

Corn Pizza Recipe


1. 500 Hot Cheetos Pizza

500 flamin' hot cheetos


Why do this? Why make a 500 Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Pizza Recipe? Well why the heck not really! When you need to put 500 of something on a pizza it seems like the natural decision to use Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, I mean what else would you use?

We did it everyone! 500 fantastic fun-lovin’ subscribers, you really do care, and you are freakin’ awesome! A HUGE THANK YOU to the first 500 subscribers and a BIG welcome to all the new subscribers. As appreciation we are making a 500 Flamin’ Hot Cheeto Pizza!

500 Flamin' hot cheetoh pizza recipe



9 Weird Wild Vegetarian Pizzas

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