Chicken pizza

Chicken Pizza Recipes

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Chicken Pizza Recipes

Bock! Bock!

Take the red eye for this one, these Chicken Chicken Pizza RecipesPizza Recipes are so weird you may not want to be seen eating them in plain daylight. We aim high but we try not to fly to close to the sun... y'know... burnt chicken... not good.

Play chicken with Papa Za and see how weird this can get. He's not backing down and he's pretty sure he could beat up any chicken if it really came down to it.  Let's go bird, it's either you or him, and I don't think anyone wants a Papa Za pizza. Tastes like chicken?

Papa Za will take on any bird! Except for maybe Big Bird, he's not dealing with that.  Chicken?!pizza recipes

Thanks for joining us on Weird Wild Pizza. But that's not all, see what's up next!...

What Weird and Wild pizza do you want Papa Za to make? The weirder the better, let us know and we will put Papa Za back to work and get his butt back in the kitchen to start creating more crazy pizza experiments!

-Papa Za

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