DIY All-Natural Sourdough Starter

make a sourdough starter feed a sourdough starter make pizza dough

DIY All-Natural Sourdough Starter

Thanks for joining us and welcome to DIY All-Natural Sourdough Starter with Papa Za.  A sourdough starer can sound intimidating but i assure you its easier than slicing bread. You really just need some water and flour, throw it in a jar, give it a good stir, and let nature take course. Making a starter is super easy.

The wild yeast occurs naturally from the air so you don’t even need to add any yeast….nature does that for you too. It can take a few days for the water and flour mixture to become active and from there you just need to maintain your starter. Wild sourdough starters become a new member of your family, sounds crazy but you’ll know what I mean. 

All of our wild pizza dough is made with only 3 simple ingredients.

  1. Sourdough Starter
  2. Flour
  3. Salt

Our sourdough starter is made from all-natural wild yeast, and is great for all things bread. Not only can sourdough starter make some incredible pizza dough, but it can also make all sorts of other delicious baked goods.

Did you know that your starter can make all types of breads, pretzels, bagels, pancakes, crepes, waffles, naan bread, english muffins, bread pudding, cinnamon buns, pie crusts, banana bread, blueberry loaf, donuts, muffins, cupcakes and if you can BELIEVE it, all whole bunch of other delicious things.


make a sourdough starter
Make a Sourdough Starter
feed a sourdough starter
Feed a Sourdough Starter
make pizza dough
Make Pizza Dough


How many different sourdough recipes will we come up with?  Stick around to find out! Thanks for joining diy sourdough

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