papa za's pizza beats

Papa Za’s Pizza Beats

Once in awhile we all just need some music to jam out too. Well this is that time! Listen to Papa Za's Pizza beats to do whatever it is you're up for. Hopefully pizza related, but we don't judge too much if it's not. Theres some pretty weird stuff here so let us know what you enjoyed and what we should have burned long ago. And don't forget to leave a comment and tell us what pizza you want to see next!

Papa Za's Pizza Beats (VOL.2)

1. Final of Many (02:52) 2. Why Won't It Stop Spinning (02:35) 3. LoFi Pizza vol.1 (03:05) 4. Keep Spinnin' (01:43) 5. Tip Top 20 (02:22) 6. Spin Spin Pizza (02:22) 7. Spin This (03:18) 8. Sir Spins A Lot (03:09) 9. Timelapse Scmimelapse (02:35)

Papa Za's Pizza Beats (VOL.1)

1. Weird and Wild (00:07) 2. Money Shot (03:36) 3. Stretchin' and Foldin' (00:41) 4. Knead That Dough (03:56) 5. It's Spinning (03:35) 6. Spin Me Right Round (04:50) 7. Topping Tapping (02:09) 8. Pizza Mountain (02:41) 9. Cheesehanger (02:06) 10. The Pizza Pie song (01:26)

Stay tuned for more Papa Za's Pizza Beats. What weird wild pizza do you want Papa Za to make next? And don't forget to come over to the shop and grab yourself a cheesy pizza shirt!

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