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Pork Pizza Recipes

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Bacon and Egg
Montreal Smoked Meat
Prosciutto Apple Brie
Christmas Rum Ham
Chili Cheese Dog
Szechuan Pork Belly
Chicken and Waffles
Blue Cheese Crusted Pork Chop
Pulled Pork
Eggs Benedict
Meat Lovers with 8 Meats
Pierogi Sausage Bacon
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Weird Wild Pork Pizza Recipes

That's not all folks!

Uncurl your tail and come on down to Weird Wild Pork Pizza Recipes.  Bacon, back bacon, ham, and Weird Wild Pork Pizza Recipesribs, OK now I'm hungry, pork is arguably the most flavorful meat on the planet. You can't mess with bacon, don't even try, it'll win every time and you'll be goin' home cryin' to your mom.

Some people have done unspeakable things for bacon, things you wouldn't believe, things you don't wanna know, things.....I can't even talk about. Would it be wrong to eat Porky Pig? And is there anything you can't wrap in bacon?

Don't worry were not gonna go all deliverance on you and make you squeal like a pig, so don't even ask...(well, maybe for $10,000 but we would still have to mull it over)'s not gonna happen.

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Thanks for joining us on Weird Wild Pizza. But that's not all, see what's up next!...

What Weird and Wild pizza do you want Papa Za to make? The weirder the better, let us know and we will put Papa Za back to work and get his butt back in the kitchen to start creating more crazy pizza experiments!

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