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Top 5 Weird Wild Pizzas of 2020

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Thanks for being a part of Weird Wild Pizza for 2020 and stay tuned for 2021, things are just warming up! But before we embrace a new year here are the Top 5 Weird Wild Pizzas of 2020.

5. Szechuan Red Braised Pork Belly Pizza

Szechuan Red Braised Pork Belly Pizza

Pork belly done right is arguably the best possible meat choice out there. But what happens when you add it to a pizza?….and then take it even further by making it Szechuan style. Well this is what happens! A Szechuan Pork Belly Pizza. And it totally rocks, this pizza not only delivers crispy but tender pork belly pieces and fresh vegetables, but the secret weapon is what ties it all together, Sweet Chile Sauce. The Chinese Five Spice is a combination of spices that you will never forget, used sparingly it will add an immense flavor profile to your pork belly that will make you come back for more…and more…and more.


Szechuan Red Braised Pork Belly Pizza

4. 8 Meat Lovers Pizza

Meat Lovers Pizza with 8 meats
8 Meat Lovers Pizza

This Weird & Wild “8 Meat Lovers” Pizza recipe is a doozy, coming at you with 8 different types of meat all harmoniously getting along together. We don’t skimp out here on Weird and Wild Pizza and this meat lovers is a testament, with Cappicola, Cervelat Salami, Coppa Di Parma, Genoa Salami, Ham, Pepperoni, and Prosciutto, but if you think that’s too much, think again. The flavor from this meat behemoth in unforgettable, but how could it not be with this line up. Crispy, tender, juicy, salty, cheesy, and of course meaty, everything you need on a meat lovers pizza.


3. Chicken Shawarma Pizza

Just as tasty as your nearest Shawarma shop, this Chicken Shawarma Pizza Recipe packs so much punch with extreme flavors and boldness from this unmistakable Middle Eastern marinade. And lets not forget the yogurt sauce to tie it all together. Not only is the base of this pizza yogurt sauce but we decided to swirl some on top too, just for good measure. And it looks pretty cool too. Fresh lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes make a great accompaniment to the light but tart yogurt sauce. These fresh elements are just what was needed with the large and in charge and totally satisfying pieces of grilled chicken shawarma. There’s never enough, you might have to make two of these pizzas, or just don’t share any. They’ll understand when you tell them how good it is.


Chicken Shawarma Pizza

2. Pierogi Pizza with Bacon and Sausage

Pierogi Sausage Bacon Pizza

The Weird & Wild “Pierogi Pizza” recipe is a true pierogi pizza, not using slices of potatoes, we use the real deal. But that’s not all, we also use a sour cream base. As well as actual pierogi’s on this pizza. Age old question, should we do bacon with the pierogis, or should we do sausage….yeah your’e right let’s just do both. Best of both worlds, the bacon and the sausage go great together and tenderness and crispiness with a whole lot of smokey flavor. All topped off with some freshly cut green onions, this pizza is as pierogi as it gets.


1. Macaroni and Cheese Pizza

macaroni and cheese pizza recipe
macaroni and cheese pizza

When you want to find a solid triangular shaped delivery device for one of the most comforting of all comfort foods, you choose pizza. Look out for this Macaroni and Cheese pizza recipe, we keep it simple and we keep it cheesy. Extra cheesy.macaroni and cheese pizza recipe An idea that you can’t believe you didn’t try sooner, this pizza brings you all the warmth of a big bowl of mac and cheese, but with more layers of cheddar and mozzarella cheese and a wild sourdough crust to be graced with the presence of, some may say, too much cheese. But we often ask ourselves, can there be such a thing as too much cheese, we think not.


macaroni and cheese pizza recipe
macaroni and cheese pizza

Thanks for joining us on Weird Wild Pizza. But that’s not all, see what’s up next every Thursday!


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