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Making Pizza Magic!

Life's too short to squabble over topping choices. We found a little secret that we want to share. All toppings are good... to someone... somewhere, right? So what's your fantasy pizza? What ever you were afraid to try, we encourage it, Hell we'll even make it for you. Tell us what pizza you think should be next because we are making pizza magic!

"Our pizzas are weird and our dough is wild, made from all-natural sourdough starter."

Simple Yet Insane.

Weird, even crazy pizza ideas, all made with wild dough. The weird pizza ideas come from the borderline lunacy of Papa Za, some say he's a genius, some say he deserves to be locked up, whatever the case, the man knows how to make a pizza.

The Foundation

The wild dough needs to be crispy, but not to crunchy, fluffy but not soggy, and it needs to be able to not crumble under the pressure of all the weird toppings Papa Za wants to throw on top of it. Luckily we have that dough and it's the best stuff around, made with sourdough starter.  Starters are quite universal and can make all sorts of savory sweet pastries, baked goods, great breads and the best pizza dough around town!

Making Pizza Magic

What tickles your fancy? Our Weird Wild Pizza Recipes?  How about Papa Za's cooking show over on youtube? OK, if you're not here for those then you must be here for the DIY Sourdough, good choice!

What Weird and Wild pizza do you want Papa Za to make? The weirder the better, let us know and we will put Papa Za back to work and get his butt back in the kitchen to start creating more crazy pizza experiments!

Thanks for joining us on Weird Wild Pizza, don't forget to like and subscribe for more pizza! But that's not all, we got a new pizza coming every week, let's see what's up next...

Weird Wild Pizza Recipes

It's been a slice Weird Wild Pizza-Papa Za

"To defy the laws of tradition, is a crusade only of the brave."

-Les Claypool, PRIMUS

Rise Up Pizza Rebels!


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