The Weird Wild Pizza Story with Papa Za

weird wild pizza story with papa za

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There’s no secret that Papa Za is a bit of a weirdo and this certainly isn’t a new development. I mean he’s made a life of it really. But this weirdness started long ago, as an adolescent, Papa Za found himself to be the weird kid at school. Never fully fitting in, he found a strong connection with Art and Cooking Classes.

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Weird Kid (age 11)

Art allowed him to expand his mind and follow his creative heart while cooking class was not only a guaranteed lunch and some brain food, it was like magic, turning some simple ingredients into something wonderful… and maybe even a little weird.

Like a lot of kids, Papa Za did not grow up wealthy, in fact he was dirt poor. Not always sure if he would have a lunch to take to school, this is why Cooking Class was not only fun but it was actually fundamental. And his love and connection to food and art keeps growing every year Papa Za is on this weird and wild planet. 


Growing up on the Wild West Coast of Canada. Vancouver, B.C. is a great place for a pizza lover. And where the Weird Wild Pizza Story all began. Booming with every different type of culture under the sun, no wonder Papa Za has been influenced so wildly with so many different cuisines. To help spark the creation of new and obscure, but amazingly tasty pizzas.

A love for food is universal, you can make whatever you want, the limits are endless and that’s where the pizza comes in. Pizza is clearly Papa Za’s favorite food, but why not add all of your favorite foods to pizza. The worlds best food with the rest of the worlds best foods. What combinations can you think of? How many combinations could there be? Would you help us solve the mystery pizza riddle of life, and unlock the magical pizza key of power!


“Nobody wants to be the weird kid you just somehow end up being the weird kid and you can’t figure out how you got there.” 
-Rob Zombie

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Papa Za is reaching across all cuisines and is on the quest for the weirdest and wildest pizza ideas. Everything is on the table and the sky is the limit. So come along for the ride and see what crazy pizza will be next!

Thank you for braving these weird pizzas with us and thank you for wanting to find out what’s next. It’s our duty to create the weirdest pizza ideas we can come up with and we won’t stop until we’ve tried them all.

Weird Wild Pizza Future


It’s easy. At Weird Wild Pizza we make weird pizza with wild dough. That’s it. But of course there is a catch. We don’t only want to make pizza for ourselves, we want to make your weird pizza ideas come to life too! So don’t be shy, shout it out loud and tell Papa Za what you want him to make, he’ll do it… he’s crazy.

We will consistently be weirding out with new pizza concepts, while staying true to our wild roots. Feel free to weird out with us and lets take a bite out of the unknown. What’s gonna be the next Weird Wild Pizza? Well, there’s only one way to find out!

Rise Up Pizza Rebels!

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