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Weird Wild Pizza Recipes

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Chicken Alfredo
Thanksgiving Turkey
Chicken Fajita
500 Flamin' Hot Cheeto
Broccoli and Cheddar
100 Pepperoni
Chicken and Waffles
Chicken Shawarma
Buffalo Chicken
Bacon and Egg
7 Layer Dip
Fried Pumpkin and Beef
Blue Cheese Crusted Pork Chop
Prosciutto Apple Brie
Beef and Broccoli
Szechuan Pork Belly
Montreal Smoked Meat
Horseradish Roast Beef
Chili Cheese Dog
8 Cheese Pesto
Butter Chicken
Eggs Benedict
Rose Chicken
Halloween Candy
Cocktail Meatball
Brie Cranberry
Chicken Jalapeno Ranch
Macaroni and Cheese
Pulled Pork
Korean BBQ Beef and Kimchi
Christmas Rum Ham
Manwich Sloppy Joe
Meat Lovers with 8 Meats
Pierogi Sausage Bacon
Maui Beef Rib
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Weird Wild Pizza Recipes

Let's take it to the next level with the Weird Wild Pizza Recipes, we don't bow to conventional Weird Wild Pizza Recipessettings, we make our own, and then we eat them.  Respect to the ones who've done it traditionally and hats off to the ones that like to shake things up!

Weird pizza ideas made with an all-natural wild yeast sourdough starter.  Wild dough is tasty and it is also a healthier gluten option, and easier on the tum tum. Which leads to easier on the......well...I think we both know that you know.

But the important thing to remember here is there will be a new Weird Wild Pizza Recipe every week!...except for leap years, and some holidays, you know how it is. There will be a new pizza pretty much every week.

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Thanks for joining us on Weird Wild Pizza. But that's not all, see what's up next!...

What Weird and Wild pizza do you want Papa Za to make? The weirder the better, let us know and we will put Papa Za back to work and get his butt back in the kitchen to start creating more crazy pizza experiments!

-Papa Za

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