Cheesy Pizza Shirts

Cheesy Pizza Merch

Welcome to the Weird Wild Pizza shop! Like toppings on a pizza, this cheesy pizza merch will be like toppings on a human.

Weirdough t-shirt | $22
Pixelated Pizza t-shirt | $22
CMYK Pizza t-shirt | $22
Cutie Pie t-shirt | $22
Synthwave Pizza t-shirt | $22
Weirdough t-shirt | $22

If you've already bought all the cheesy pizza shirts come and check out our weird pizza and wild sourdough recipes.

Cheesy Pizza Merch Weird Wild Pizza


You have been invited to join the quest for making the weirdest and wildest pizzas on the planet. We may make your dream pizza or by accident, we may make your nightmare pizza. Sorry not sorry, it's what we do. But we do it for you!

"Will you join the Pizza Weirdoughs"