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STOP THE INSANITY?! or start it…CONTACT Pizza Headquarters

Drop us a line and tell us what Weird Wild Pizza you want Papa Za to make! Or if you want to beg Papa Za to stop making Weird Wild Pizza’s to preserve the tradition of Pizza, you can do that too.  It’s a free Country and you can send anything you want to contact our high tech pizza headquarters.  But just remember this is a free Country and Papa Za cannot be stopped!

Then again, everyone does have a price, and for the right amount of dough….no, we can’t….we must stay strong…..we will not accept bribes (under $2,000,000).  So there you have it, nothing will stop the Papa Za (unless it’s $2,000,000) so just try and stop us, we dare you! Stay tuned and see what Weird Wild Pizza’s we will create in the crazy kitchen of Papa Za, what could it be? Well, unless he sells his kitchen, takes that bribe and disappears to…. maybe…..somewhere tropical.  Or should Papa Za got to somewhere let’s say…..Weird….and….Wild?

Alright new game. What Weird and Wild Place should Papa Za go to after he has accepted his ‘preserving the tradition of pizza” bribe from people who are not ready to change, it’s OK, Papa Za is willing to take fists full of cash if that’s what its going to take……he is a team player…if the price is right!

It's been a slice Weird Wild Pizza

-Papa Za



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