Pizza magic

Pizza Magic

Just when you thought "Hey, this pizza website is pretty darn magical", well we got news for you. As you may already have discovered when you clicked on this tab, we got MORE PIZZA MAGIC for ya! Just take a look at all the magic we have in store for you!


Kitchen Quickies

When you wanna watch a nice little cooking video but are strapped for time, well we got a solution for you. Check out some Papa Za’s kitchen quickies. The videos may be quick and so are a lot of the recipes but there are some in there that will take a little more TLC so pick one you like a give it a try!

Hypnotic Pizza

You are getting sleepy… and hungry. So strap in and get ready to chill out with these hypnotic pizza videos, if you wake up bocking like a chicken we claim no responsibility for that. But we still think it would be hilarious. Whether we are exploring the colour wheel or taking a trip in outer space we would love for you to join us.

Pizza Jokes

We got jokes! And some of them are actually good too! Cheesy pizza jokes told by a dad, what more could you ask for. Papa Za brings out all the stops on these ones, if ya like tell us your favourite. Or even better, tell us one of your own!

Timelapse Pizza

Did you ever want to watch food cook in the oven but didn't want to sit on the floor and camp out in the kitchen? Well we got you, and we got pizza, do we really need anything else. Let's watch these delicious and weird pizzas melt into perfection.

Pizza Multis

When one pizza just won't do, we got you, come take a look at our collection of pizzas that have something or other to do with each other. What does that mean you may be thinking? Well dive in and take a look, we promise your questions will be answered.

Money Shots

We all know that the money shot is the highlight of any video. And we stay true to that with these fantastic and far out shots of some incredibly odd pizzas, maybe you'll even wanna try one of your own?

And stay tuned for new additions to more magic at Weird Wild Pizza with Papa Za!